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Cancer.  Multicentric studies on risk factors (occupational, smoking) for lung cancer (IARC-Italy study, SYNERGY consortium); multicentric study on genetic and environmental determinants of head-and-neck tumors (ARCAGE study, INHANCE consortium); study on genetic and environmental determinants of testicular cancer (studied based on Swedish resgisters, EPSAM study, TECAC consortium); studies on genetic and epigenetic markers of diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer.

 Life-course epidemiology.  Birth cohorts with repeated follow-up information and associated biobanks (NINFEA cohort, Piccoli+ cohort, CHICOS project); specific studies nested in the birth cohorts (on reproductive outcomes, asthma, growth and obesity)

 Methods. Non-response bias in case-control studies; confounding by smoking and socioeconomic factors in occupational studies; Internet-based studies; causal inference methods (selection bias, mediation analysis)

 Clinical epidemiology. Collaboration in clinical epidemiology studies (patient cohorts, clinical trials); studies on occult HCV infection; long-term effects of coeliac disease 

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